9 Great Mental Health Tattoos

Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from mental health issues, whether depression, anxiety, eating disorders or something else entirely. Many people who suffer from these issues choose to get tattoos as reminders of their struggles or to honour their loved ones who also suffer from mental health issues. These nine great mental health tattoos should give you some ideas and inspiration if you’re considering getting a mental health tattoo yourself.

According to an exhaustive survey conducted by The Harris Poll in 2017, one out of three adults in the USA experiences a mental health condition. That’s just over 100 million people in total. In fact, 1 in 5 teenagers and adults report having considered suicide within their lifetime. Yet, unfortunately, only 50% of those people receive treatment. But not all hope is lost; there are ways to help cope with your situation. For example, suppose you’re going through depression or anxiety. You can cope with it by getting a tattoo!

Mental health tattoos are a fun way to showcase your support for the fight against mental illness and raise awareness about many people’s issues every day. This blog post features 9 tattoo designs, along with their explanations and their meaning.

1) The Anchor

As mental health awareness is becoming mainstream, tattoos have become a popular way to show support for those with anxiety and depression. The anchor tattoo conveys a sense of stability or safety, making it an ideal image for those looking to convey mental health themes in their tattoos.

Having self-esteem issues can be part of having depression or anxiety. Hence, an anchor can serve as a constant reminder that there’s someone out there who loves you—and that you’re important. In addition, having a safe harbour written beneath your anchor might make others aware of what your ink means. Thus, they can be supportive if you’re ever struggling.

2) ‘I May Not Be Perfect But Parts Of Me Are Amazing.’

It can be challenging for those who suffer from depression or anxiety to find hope in anything. Finding ways to cope is often a matter of trial and error (and also, unfortunately, for some people, suicide). But there are ways to cope that involve surrounding yourself with positive things and even empowering tattoos that can help you through dark times.

It is a very clever tattoo and one of my personal favourites. The artist has cleverly illustrated how even though we are all flawed, we also have positive traits that make us unique. The phrase I may not be perfect, but parts of me are amazing is an ideal way to show someone that they are more than just their flaws. It will encourage them and help them feel good about themselves.

3) Positive Script

The Positive Script is an excellent mental health tattoo because it sends a positive message. It’s especially important for those suffering from anxiety and depression to remind themselves of things that make them happy, like hobbies or activities that give them a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

A simple reminder tattoo can help remind people to take time for their well-being. The Positive Script is also an easy tattoo idea for anyone who has difficulty writing. It can be stylized into any font but usually takes on a cursive or calligraphic look.

Consider getting a tattoo that conveys a positive message. In particular, having something to remind you of your favourite things can make you happier during difficult times. For example, if a flower is your favourite thing, consider getting an image of one tattooed on your arm (or somewhere else visible).

4) Feather in Flight

Feathers are profoundly symbolic and hold significance across multiple cultures, which is why they’re so often used in art and body tattoos. This beautiful feather in flight tattoo is an excellent example of how something simple can become more meaningful when paired with other elements. So open up your eyes and spread your wings: You might be surprised at what you find!

For example, a woman named Sian Butcher recently decided to honour her late friend, who was struggling with depression, took his life at age 29. As a form of public art, Butcher created The Feather in Flight, a tattoo that features two phoenix feathers inspired by flight feathers on an owl’s wing. One feather represents her friend, while another is used as a symbol for suicide awareness. Of course, these designs aren’t only reserved for those who have suffered from mental illness or lost loved ones; they’re also great works of art you can enjoy whether or not you know what they stand for.

5) Dandelion Wish

A dandelion is a perfect tattoo for those who suffer from depression or anxiety. Because of its nature, the dandelion represents happiness and hope. It is because they are easy to spot and spread quickly all over, even when seeming to be struggling. It is a perfect analogy for spreading positivity in our society, which we should all strive for.

Dandelions remind us that you need to keep blowing away your worries, so they don’t consume you with negativity and sadness. Never give up on yourself. Never forget you are loved, and always reach out if you need help! If suicide isn’t an option, there are many places to help!

6) Blue Moon Tattoo

The Blue Moon is a vital tattoo for many with mental health conditions. This moon represents feelings of distress and being trapped and feelings of calmness and soothing. It’s a good choice for those in recovery to remind them that there are ups and downs throughout recovery but that you eventually see the light at the end of your journey.

The Blue Moon can also represent feeling like you have no control over your illness or that it controls you. Finally, it can express anger from being dismissed or misunderstood by others around you. Ultimately people would be more understanding and open-minded about mental health issues.

7) Embrace what makes you unique

Tattoos are, of course, a form of self-expression—but they’re also an opportunity to show your outstanding support for certain causes. Almost any cause or issue can be represented by a tattoo these days, says body art expert Tim Hendricks. So embrace what makes you unique.

For example, many people have gotten tattoos supporting breast cancer awareness. Women who have had mastectomies often get tattoos on their scars during reconstruction efforts. In addition, people with mental health issues may get tattoos to help them cope and convey what makes them unique. For example, rainclouds or drooping flowers may represent depression, anxiety by spiderwebs or broken hearts.

8) Bipolar Butterfly

Because of its unique shape, a butterfly is often used to symbolize bipolar disorder. The butterfly shown here depicts someone with manic depression, as it has a body made up of two colours, yellow and blue.

This bipolar tattoo serves as a great reminder that life isn’t always so black and white. That there’s good in bad; bad in good; sadness within happiness; and happiness within sorrow. And that we need to find peace within our duality before moving forward.

9) Semicolon Tattoo

The semicolon has come to symbolize suicide prevention and mental health awareness. The semicolon tattoo can be a powerful reminder for those who have struggled with suicidal thoughts of their own or a loved one’s that suicide is preventable, and others care about them. It can also be used to honour those who have died by suicide.

The semicolon tattoo has become an unofficial awareness and support symbol for those living with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses or disorders. A semicolon tattoo provides inspiration for healing and recovery from any mental illness, serves as a reminder of your journey, and encourages you to continue making progress towards wellness.

To conclude, mental health tattoos have gotten a lot of publicity over recent years, with more and more people going for them. It has been great to raise awareness about mental health issues, get people talking about them, and recognize that these aren’t something to be ashamed of. Many designs are available if you’re looking to get a tattoo inspired by mental health issues or would like to get one as a show of support. Make sure you understand what it means before you have it done so that you can truly appreciate your tattoo!

Mental health is an issue surrounded by stigma. Still, plenty of people deals with anxiety and depression every day. As awareness increases, so too does acceptance. Show your support for those in need of help or empathy with a tattoo that reflects mental health. Whether you want to show off your mental health or honour someone else’s fight, these tattoos are good to make an impact on your life and others. Be good to yourself and be aware of what you’re feeling; it will benefit you more than you know.

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